Поиск не работает

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Поиск не работает

Сообщение specter » Пт июн 06, 2008 12:41 pm

Поиск ругается вот такими словами:

Could not obtain matched posts list


SQL Error : 1016 Can't open file: 'forum_search_wordmatch.MYD'. (errno: 145)

SELECT m.post_id FROM forum_search_wordlist w, forum_search_wordmatch m WHERE w.word_text LIKE 'hohner' AND m.word_id = w.word_id AND w.word_common <> 1

Line : 345
File : search.ph
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Re: Поиск не работает

Сообщение thankfulpungent » Чт апр 06, 2023 4:50 am

The list of matching posts could not be obtained. The capo on the first two or three frets of the guitar makes it easy for me to sing without having to use the barre. How can I choose a harmonica key that most closely matches the key of the songs I sing?